Infection Prevention and Control

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Who is this course aimed at?


This course is designed to help you and your business understand how to prevent and control infection and why it is important to do so. The perfect course for anyone working within an environment where there is a risk of infection, staff returning to work and those who want the knowledge of how to stay safe in the workplace and prevent infection. This course can be used as a stand-alone module or as part of an induction programme.


Topics covered


Protect your staff, your company and your community, learn how infections occur, the factors that can make a person more vulnerable to infection, and the steps you can take to prevent infections from occurring.

Combat pathogenic microorganisms, understand what pathogenic microorganisms are and how you can manage them.

Protect the vulnerable, know how to keep the vulnerable safe from infection and learn necessary actions.

Reduce the risk of infection, effectively evaluate the infection risks and implement prevention actions.

Address personal hygiene. Personal hygiene has a huge impact on infection control. Learn the best practices.

Use PPE effectively, discover the different types of PPE and how to use them effectively.

Learn how to safely handle waste. Handling waste appropriately can reduce the risk of infection.


Online learning (approx 20-40 minutes). This comprehensive course equips delegates with the knowledge and practical skills needed to prevent and control infection, and how to stay safe in the workplace. 




20-40 minutes, multiple choice questions with a certified certificate on completion.

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